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Our broadcast

Radio Maryam Nazareth

The voice of the good news from the country of good tidings

After the spread of Radio Maryam throughout the world, the officials of Radio Maryam International felt that the Virgin Mary loved to renew her voice in her city, Nazareth, so the curators began to search and work diligently to find the right place to establish this radio until this was achieved with the help of the Virgin Mary in 2019.

The experimental broadcasts from Radio Maryam - Nazareth, the Holy Land, began with the voice of the Annunciation from the country of the Annunciation since 1/12/2019. The Maronite Annunciation - Nazareth on St. Maron's Day, then from the Monastery of the Nuns of Nazareth - Nazareth, then from the Melkite Roman Catholic Church in the village of Aablin - the country of St. Mary Jesus crucified (Mary Bawardi) - then from Haifa from the Greek Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist and the Church of St. Joseph Latins, then from the Melkite Roman Catholic Church - Jaffa of Nazareth and other places in Galilee, in a short period, and the official opening date of Maryam Radio - Nazareth is set on the Annunciation Day of the Virgin Mary, i.e. Wednesday 3/25/2020, the Feast of Nazareth, but the Divine Providence She wanted otherwise, but the inauguration did not take place outwardly and with a traditional celebration due to the circumstances of the spread of the Corona epidemic, the matter was difficult, so the opening was like the silence of the Virgin Mary, her humility and her contemplation in her heart, just as the evangelization and the divine incarnation were in the womb of the virgin Mary in the city of Nazareth with lightness Aa, silence, prayer and contemplation of this wondrous arrangement, it was to live the experience of opening Maryam Radio from Nazareth in silence, prayer and contemplation in concealment, to transmit from the heart of this invisibility and silence, the resounding voice of God’s silence to the whole world, from the country of Christ and from the land of the Holy Gospel, the land of salvation. Holy.

Radio Mary - Nazareth serves all the churches of the Holy Land, Catholic in its plurality and Orthodoxy as well, allowing all the pastors of the churches and all believers the real feeling of the embrace of the Virgin Mary through the voice of the Virgin Mary from the country of evangelization, and as we say in our popular proverb “Mother of the Blessed” with the Virgin Mary and through Radio Mary of Nazareth, the voice of good tidings, from the country of good tidings. We will be one family for one mother and one God.

Our mission is to carry the good news of the Gospel to the Arabic speakers, especially Christians, represented by the voice of the Virgin Mary, this voice that Jesus loved, grew up on, and was obedient to it.


About the origins of Radio Maria (Maryam)

On January 12, 1987, the Radio Maria Association arose out of a pastoral radio station in the city of Irba, in the Italian region of Como, to spread prayer, the Gospel and human growth through its programs and to support volunteers without any marketing advertisements.

In 1992, it began broadcasting programs to Italians living abroad, starting with New York via satellite and then in Canada, covering later the entire European continent, up to the establishment of two branches in Burkina Faso and Peru.

On June 3, 1998 the global community of Radio María saw the light as a non-governmental organization recognized by the United Nations.

Radio Maria receives support through prayers, sacrifices and offerings from its listeners, and does not receive any material support from private companies that may affect his freedom.

Currently Radio Maria is present on the five continents and has 29 radio stations in Europe, 22 in the Americas, 23 in Africa, 7 in Asia and one in Oceania. The directors at Radio Maria are priests in the Catholic Church.

Father Livio Vanzaga, Director of Radio Maria Italia, during his meeting with Pope Francis on October 29, 2015 and in response to the Holy Father's call to help our brothers living in persecution, he announced the birth of Radio Maryam in Arabic that will be broadcast via the Internet, applications on smartphones and satellites under the direction of Kahin Arabic .

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