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Evangelical and ecclesiastical fragments

Daily encounters with Father Francois de Marie

It deals with many spiritual and educational topics through the Bible.

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John 1-18
Matthew 1:18-24
Annunciation of Zakaria the priest and the birth of John the Baptist
 Christ's Childhood
 John chapter thirteen (16-30)
 wt 18(35-21)
John 1:20-10
Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi
Matthew 1:2-12
John 5:33-36
Matthew 11
Matthew chapter 1 18-24
 John 11(57-45)
Fourth Book of Kings Chapter Five
Palm Sunday
Mark Chapter Five (43-21)
Transfiguration Feast
Luke 2:22-35
Luke 7:24-30
Matthew 11:16-19
Birth of Saint John the Baptist
Church Gospel
Acts of the Apostles Chapter Twelve
 A reading from the book of the prophet Hosea
Sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes
Feast of Saint Martha, sister of Eliezer and Mary
Feast of All Saints
 The Gospel of Matthew Chapter Eight
 Luke 22:2-40
Matthew  28:11-30
 immaculate conception
When on the Mount of Beatitudes
Luke 2:22-40
 Psalm 83
John 3:7-15
 St. Elias's Day
Greece travel
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