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Here I am sending you

Weekly meetings with bishops and priests Monks, nuns and consecrated women who testify to the Lord and share in their life experience, their vocation and their presence in the Holy Land.

Sister Camelia Khoury, a Sister of Nazareth, is preparing and presenting the program.

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Archbishop Yasser Ayash

Sister Mary Gibson

Sister Maha Sansour

Father Mounir Al-Rahi

Father Prince (Part Two)

Bishop Musa Al-Hajj (Part Two)

Father Antoine Douaihy (Passion Week)

Monsignor Hanna Kaldani

Father Nael Abu Rahmon

Father Francesco Voltago (Part Two)

 Father Antoine Douaihy

Brother Salem Younes

 Sister Camellia Khoury

Father Ayman Bathish

Father Antoine Doueihy and Father Rafi Chefikian

 Fr. Paul Armly

 Father Majdi Hashoul

 Father Maher Abboud

Father Ramez Twal

Father Suhail Khoury

 Priest Fouad Dagher

 Father Nadim Shaqour

 Bishop Paul Marcuzzo

Archbishop Atallah Hanna 

 Mr. Osama Al-Sayegh

Father Rafik Nohra

 Father Francis Germani

Sister Nour Maryam

 Sister Monica Treman

Sister Warda Yarq

Sister Nawal Fawzy

Sister Noha Ephrem

Father Cyprianos Cyprianos

Sister Therese Marie

Sister Elizabeth Barsoum

Father Antoine Douaihy (Part Two)

 Sister Louisa Hijazin

 Sister Camellia Khoury (Part Two)

 Fr. Rudy Nora

 fr françois de mary

Sister Lauren Emad

 Father Majdi Hashoul (Part Two)

Father Maher Abboud, part two

Sister Ghada Nehme

 Father Rafik Nohra

Father Samer Zaknoun

Bishop Youssef Matta

 Bishop Paul Marcuzzo (Part Two)

 Father Awni Khamis

Pastor Hanna Dallah

Sister Lucille

 fr. david neuhaus

Sister Ibtisam Kassis

Father Prince (Part One)

Bishop Musa Al-Hajj (Part One)

Sister Hiyam Avram

Father Abdo Abdo

Sisters of the Redeemer

Father Francesco Voltago

Father Khalil Maroun

Sister Khaleda Francis

 Father Haitham Hanno

Father Afif Makhoul

Father Rudy Nora (Part Two)

Father Fadi Shalofa

 Father Nael Helou

Father Louis Wahba

Father Saba Hajj

 Sister Rudeina Zaidan

Father Raed Abu Saheliya

Father Rami Hajjar

  Bishop William Shomali

Father Rafik Khoury

Father Amjad Sabara

Father Jacob Abu Saadi

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