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Jan 15th

Souvenir of St. John Kochi

John, nicknamed Kokhi, was born in the city of Constantinople. His father, Eutropius, was one of the great generals of the army, and his mother, Theodora, was one of the most honorable women. He was brought up in luxury, but he was inclined to love virtue and to frequent church visits. His father bought him a Bible encrusted with gold and precious jewels, and John Samir took it as his only. Leave the house and become a monk, then become a hermit. As for his parents, they were very sad about his separation and they searched for him for a long time, but they did not find him. The spirit inspired him to leave his hermitage, so he returned and built a hut at the door of his parents' palace, and he was an example of renunciation and humility. He lived three years in his hut, famous for his constant reading of the Bible. May God rest in the year 470. His prayers are with us.